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Egyptian LGBT activist commits suicide in Canada

An Egyptian LGBT activist was found dead in her home in Canada where she had been living in exile since 2018. Sara Hegazy, 30, committed suicide on Sunday after leaving behind a note asking her family and friends to forgive her. “To my siblings – I tried to find redemption and failed, forgive me,” Hegazy’s handwritten letter said. “To my friends – the experience [journey] was harsh and I am too weak to resist it, forgive me. “To the world – you were cruel to a great extent, but I…

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Startups Transportation 

Dubai-based last-mile delivery startup iMile raises $10 million, to expand to Egypt, Kuwait and Morocco

Dubai-based last-mile delivery startup iMile has raised $10 million in a Pre-Series A round, it announced in a statement to MENAbytes today. The startup did not disclose the name of the investor but said it is a leading Chinese VC that’s active in the country’s logistics ecosystem. Founded in 2017 by Rita Huang who was previously Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba and Meeras’ joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, iMile offers different B2B and B2C logistics solutions (mainly) to eCommerce companies in the UAE and Saudi. The services include…

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Oil and Gas Utilities 

Israel to cover up revenue data for sale of gas to Jordan and Egypt

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has decided to keep information about gas sales from the Leviathan field to Jordan and Egypt secret, reported on Sunday. This approach is very different from revenue data from the Tamar field, which is run by the same companies. According to economic media outlet The Marker, the decision is related to commercial secrecy. It reported the CBS as saying that it would change its policy regarding the announcement of such details about the Leviathan field. “The claims about commercial secrecy are not logical…

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Egypt to host Israeli electronic music festival in restive Sinai province

Egyptian authorities have agreed to provide security for the festival, as well as medical assistance, as relations with Israel enter a golden-era. Egyptian authorities have given an Israeli music festival organiser the go-ahead to host a four day electronic music event in the country’s restive Sinai province. Amid the gradual normalisation of social and cultural relations between Israel and Arab countries, Hashmaliko‘s organisers desribe the participation of Israeli and Arab musicians as creating an “experience that goes beyond definitions, borders and nations”, according to the festival website. The event will take place…

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