Ebola-hit Guinea begins vaccination campaign

Guinea began a campaign on Tuesday to vaccinate at-risk people against Ebola, more than a week after the West African nation reported the first deaths from the viral disease, the World Health Organization said. “The last time Guinea faced an Ebola outbreak, vaccines were still being developed … With the experience and expertise it has …

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Doctor explores COVID-19 preparedness in Ghana

A monster is on the loose. An illness called COVID-19. Wall Street has eyes on the beast and its prospective to turn a bull market into a bearish market. Like a beast with a fire-lit tail, it is going from country to country lighting up fires that devour human lives. The smoke of symptoms of contaminated clients is the first clue about its existence. By the time firefighters get there to quench the fire, there are 4 or five other fires. It is off to the next country. Worldwide it…

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