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Why Covid-19 Quarantine Dreams Are Taking Over the Internet

A California woman in her seventies was dreaming of a grocery store. Her cat had instructed her to buy a specific brand of chicken, but it was too expensive. When she got to the register with her cheaper chicken in tow, the cashier told the woman she’d have to submit the proper paperwork for the chicken later because the system couldn’t find the correct part number. The woman apologized for her stupidity but had to ask: Where was she supposed to find a part number on a chicken carcass? Erin…

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Kenya Re eyes block chain technology to curb fraud

Block chain technology is an automated process that is a cryptographically secured form of record-keeping, which makes verification of data easier. According to surveys recently released by McKinsey, automation can reduce the cost of fraudulent claims by as much as 30 per cent. The company seeks to expand into other countries as it eyes to cover more insurers against risks. “Expansion to different markets and tapping into different segments is instrumental in unlocking the potential and overall business. To give more of a local context, Kenya Re has diversified its…

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