Egypt turns to Russia for help with desalination plants amid Nile dam crisis – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Egypt suffers from a water deficit of up to 20 billion cubic meters annually, Eman Sayed, head of the planning sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, told Sky News Arabia Feb. 10. She explained that 97% of Egypt’s water resources come from the Nile River, and Egypt’s water needs reach 80 billion cubic meters annually. Osama Salam, a professor at the governmental National Water Research Center and water expert at the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi, told Al-Monitor, “Egypt needs to develop its nonconventional water resources to meet the…

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Asia Covid19 

Why are UN and UNHRC scared of naming & shaming China for Covid19 pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world, taking a toll on human lives and forcing 40 countries to lockdown with almost 2.2 billion people under house arrest. Spain and Italy have been the worst hit in Europe and America is in for hard times with New York emerging as the new epicentre. The whole world is in turmoil with over 22,000 deaths and close to 500,000 cases with the numbers increasing every minute. Wuhan, China from where it all started has since controlled the situation but the deadly virus has…

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