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How Costa Rica Slowed, Stopped, Then Reversed Deforestation in Their Rainforests

In the 1970s and 80s, Costa Rica had the highest deforestation rates in Latin America but the next few decades saw the country halt her forest loss, initiate replanting and conservation efforts, and regrow almost all of her lost tree cover. Their methods have set up the most successful forest management model on earth. Leading the way in the fight against human-accelerated climate change, Costa Rica’s success story of sustainable forestry was strengthened by a simple strategy of valuing forests by paying for their restoration, through their Payment for Environmental…

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Farming commissioners require restriction on usage of paraquat in Nigeria

Some commissioners for farming have gotten in touch with the National Company for Fda (NAFDAC) to prohibit the usage of paraquat for weed control in the country. Paraquat is a chemical herbicide or herbicide that is extremely harmful and used all over the world. It is likewise understood by the brand name Gramoxone. The call for the restriction of paraquat for weed control came at the end of the conference held at the International Institute of tropical Farming (IITA), Ibadan, in a communiqué on Tuesday. The style of the meeting…

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