Africa Utilities 

How Water Scarcity Adds to Women’s Burden in Northern Ghana

Attaining universal and fair access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by the year 2030 is considered basic in attaining the Sustainable Development Objective 6. However about 4 billion individuals, nearly two-thirds of the population of the world, face severe water shortage and over 2 billion individuals reside in countries experiencing high water tension. Water system is not equitably dispersed across the globe. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 40%of the population lacks safe drinking water.  Another measurement of water inequality is gender. A research study conducted in 25 sub-Saharan…

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Global North America 

The Fallacious Fantasy of Doomsday Prepperism

What makes a person a prepper? Is it how many rows of cans are stacked in their basement? Intimate familiarity with the finest brands of water purification tablets? Or is it the glint in their eye when they talk about the impending collapse of civilization? Mark O’Connell has a theory. “Preppers are not preparing for their fears: they are preparing for their fantasies,” he writes in his new book, Notes From an Apocalypse, a tour of places where catastrophic thinking reigns. Ford O’Connell, a prepper lives for the moment when…

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