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South Africa: Farm Attack Victim Speaks Out In Court

Even after being tortured and raped in front of her own children by a Black, this White female still, regretfully, fails to completely break out of her mental programming/prison; and quotes multiracialist Communist Nelson Mandela in useless hope that it will enhance the behavior of Blacks made even more hate-crazed toward Whites than ever by anti-White propaganda. Racial separation is the only solution. MY great-grandfather, grandpa and dad were all farmers. I wed a farmer whose family have farmed their land for 3 generations. It is with deep unhappiness that…

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Virus response scheme sees 33 prisoners released

Thirty-three out of 4,000 prisoners in England and Wales eligible for early release to help tackle coronavirus have so far been freed, ministers have said. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said progress on a scheme announced at the start of the month had been “slow”. But he said other measures, such as requiring inmates to spend more time in their cells, had so far helped to prevent an “explosive outbreak”. But Labour’s David Lammy warned of “rising tensions” in the prison estate. The shadow justice secretary said forcing prisoners to spend…

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Billy McFarland Launches COVID-19 Effort in Prison, Swears Its Not a Scam

Remember Billy McFarland, the scam artist behind the spectacular disaster that was Fyre Festival? If hes to be believedand even he admits thats a big ifprison and the novel coronavirus pandemic have helped him turn over a new leaf. In fact, hes even launched a new endeavor from behind bars: crowdfunding money to help inmates call their loved ones amid the pandemic. McFarland has named his new effort Project-315. In a letter posted to the initiatives website, he admits that with Fyre Festival, I know how badly I messed up.…

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