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Chakwera Protects MPs Real Estate Job, Fails to Name Financier – ‘It Doesn’t Mean Govt Will Not Build for Civil Servants’

President Lazarus Chakwera has come gun-blazing in his defense of his plan to develop homes for members of parliament (MPs) in their constituency which has come under heavy resistance from the opposition. The opposition and analysts have chided the relocation and, rather, encouraged Chakwera to priotise building houses for civil servants including teachers and health workers. Nevertheless, throughout his Thursday session of responding to questions in Parliament the His Excellency Concern Time (HEQs), Chakwera said structure home for MPs doesn’t imply government won’t develop houses for civil servants. “The housing…

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Africa Management 

Ykee Benda officially takes over as Uganda Musicians Association president

Singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda has formally handled the workplace as Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) President. Benda has actually been the acting UMA president for nearly a month now after the initial association president Sophie Gombya left the office to concentrate on her political goals. The Singa struck maker has actually sworn in as the president together with songstress Cindy Sanyu who will be working as the vice president.During this swearing in ceremony, Benda exposed that the highly discussed Uganda Performing Rights Society( UPRS)website was totally re-designed and released…

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Africa Government 

British court gives Nigeria more time to fight $10bn payment to Irish company

Nigeria’s government was granted more time by a London judge to challenge an arbitration award worth around $10bn (€8.4bn), more than a quarter of the country’s foreign reserves. Judge Ross Cranston said in a yesterday’s judgment granting extra time that Nigeria had established a “strong prima facie case of fraud”. The ruling allows the West African nation to continue to seek to overturn the penalty on the grounds that Process & Industrial Developments Ltd obtained a gas-supply contract a decade ago and the favourable arbitration decision through fraud. Last year,…

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Africa Financial Services Government 

THOUGH POLICIES: IMF, World Bank take over Nigeria’s economy •More pains ahead for Nigerians

Although this seems a difficult period for Nigerians, On Sunday investigations have, however, revealed that it  could actually be a signal to the beginning of more unbearable pains in the form of economic policies as the Federal  Government continues to implement the stringent conditions of its international creditors. It was reported in May that tougher times awaited Nigerians following the commitment of the Federal  Government to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank over loan facilities secured from the Breton Wood institutions and other foreign creditors, which appear…

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Information Services 

Sierra Leone’s journalists condemn spread of hate messages on social media

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), in a press statement issued last Friday 28 August, 2020, signed by its Secretary General –  Mohamed Asmieu Bah, says that it is concerned about the proliferation of videos, audios, and voice notes with incendiary messages on social media which have the potential to divide the nation and cause unrest. The statement also says that while SLAJ will at all times stand to defend the fundamental human right of all citizens to free speech as an essential element of our democracy, however, “citizen…

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