Covid19 North America 

COVID-19: Avoid these hand sanitizers that are recalled in Canada

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, it was all hands on deck. Many manufacturers had to re-tool and pivot to produce personal protective gear and cleaning supplies to help in the fight against the coronavirus. Among those are a number of companies who received temporary approval to begin producing hand sanitizers. But not all hand sanitizers are created equal – and some have even been recalled. Beginning in June, Health Canada began posting recall notices, with more issued or updated in July and August. Some hand sanitizers available on the…

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North America 

Border crisis: Two women arrested for smuggling more than $3 million worth of meth in from Mexico

Law Enforcement presence has been dramatically increased in and around ports of entry into the United States since President Trump was elected. President Trump makes his views very clear on the matter of border security for many reasons – not the least of which is the amount of drugs being brought in from Mexico.  Here’s a prime example of why. On August 4th, US Customs and Border Protection arrested two women for transporting over $3 million worth of methamphetamine into the country. The Office of Field Operations of the United…

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Africa Covid19 

Ghana FA Shows NFF The Way, Distributes COVID-19 Relief Funds To Clubs

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) have shown the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) the true meaning of transparency after distributing COVID-19 relief funds among the nation’s clubs. The GFA on Wednesday announced the payment plan of the FIFA and CAF Relief Funds to their various stakeholders with the Ghana Premier League (GPL) clubs having already received payments. Premier clubs are expected to receive $15,000 from the FIFA fund of which the first tranche of $10,000 would be disbursed immediately whilst division one clubs would receive $5,000 out of which $7000 would…

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Covid19 Europe 

Georgia schools just reopened and kids are already catching COVID-19

School reopenings during the novel coronavirus pandemic continue to be a problem, and reports from Georgia’s first week of school aren’t reassuring. A second-grader tested positive on the first day of school, forcing the closure of a classroom. 20 other children and the teacher are now forced to quarantine at home. A photo of a crowded high school hallway revealed that schools seem more concerned with punishing students who criticize them than they are with imposing stricter safety measures that protect the students and teachers. The reopening of schools remains…

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Australasia Covid19 

Coronavirus: Getting into Fortress New Zealand-it ain’t as easy as you think

House of Travel says it isn’t uncommon for Kiwis to be hit by “three or more” booking changes, as they attempt to fly home amongst the frenzy created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Changing government restrictions, emaciated flight schedules, and the introduction of new visa rules often with little or no forewarning has made long-haul flying a giant game of whack-a-mole – keep up or risk being caught out. New Zealanders abroad are consistently told they are welcome to return home at any point, yet many face obstacles in their bid…

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