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John Bolton says he’d be happy to testify in Canada on Huawei exec’s extradition case

Of particular interest are revelations in which Bolton writes Trump connected Meng’s case to a potential U.S. trade deal with China. During an interview that aired Friday, Bolton rejected the idea that politics are involved in the case against Meng, which is based on fraud charges connected to her alleged violation of U.S. sanctions on Iran. “Look, the facts are what the facts are, and I think when you read the book it’s very clear what the purpose of the arrest was,” Bolton told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “The Current.”…

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The U’wa Community’s Nonviolent Resistance to COVID-19 and Attacks in Colombia

The U’wa Indigenous Guard, active in the cloud forest of Colombia near the border with Venezuela, were formed to nonviolently defend U’wa territory from a multitude of external threats from extractive companies and unwanted “eco-tourists”. In the era of COVID-19 – known to U’wa spiritual elders as “The Demon” – the Guard’s mission has expanded to include the protection of their territory from the spread of the deadly pandemic. Over recent weeks, the Guard has controlled vehicular entry into the U’wa Reserve. According to Jesús Cobaria Bocota, coordinator of the…

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Sweden: Public Approval of Lax Coronavirus Policies Is Waning

If Tegnell means to place full responsibility on the government, it could be an indication of the pressure he’s under. The high approval ratings of Sweden’s approach to the coronavirus, after all, have begun to slip. In early June, Swedish TV reported that confidence in the Public Health Agency had fallen from 73 to 65 percent since April. Approval in the government fell even more sharply. Trust in Stockholm’s crisis management dropped from 63 to 45 percent. The opposition in Swedish parliament believes its time has come. For the last…

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Why Nigeria must invest in digital technology – El Rufai

If Nigeria is to join the richer countries of the world, she must invest aggressively in technology, improve local production, and cut cost of governance. These were some of the opinions presented by experts during a virtual colloquium tagged Government Unusual: Innovative Economic Solutions to Unlock Mass Prosperity held on Saturday afternoon. While making a presentation at the Rauf Aregbesola colloquium, Governor Nasir El Rufai noted that investment in digital technology must become a priority if Africa hoped to join the league of developed countries. He said, “Investing aggressively in…

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The Coronavirus Shows Why We Have to Tackle the Obesity Crisis

Every critical care specialist attending COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit where I have been filling in as an intensive care physician for the past two weeks makes the same observation: Our patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hospital have lower body masses. Critical care doctors in other parts of the country, as well as my colleagues in Europe, report seeing the same thing. New research backs up the anecdotal observations. Data from my institution, NYU Langone, shows that body mass…

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