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The Fallacious Fantasy of Doomsday Prepperism

What makes a person a prepper? Is it how many rows of cans are stacked in their basement? Intimate familiarity with the finest brands of water purification tablets? Or is it the glint in their eye when they talk about the impending collapse of civilization? Mark O’Connell has a theory. “Preppers are not preparing for their fears: they are preparing for their fantasies,” he writes in his new book, Notes From an Apocalypse, a tour of places where catastrophic thinking reigns. Ford O’Connell, a prepper lives for the moment when…

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African artists are creating catchy songs to spread awareness about coronavirus – CNN

“There are already many dangerous myths and misunderstandings about the Coronavirus/Covid-19. We would like to assist by sharing a short video where we explain some basic guidelines,” the group tweeted about the music video. “Wash your hands, don’t touch your face…we will beat corona. Don’t panic. Don’t spread rumours,” the lyrics of their song say. The choir is famous for its colourful performances at the 2019 America’s Got Talent, where they made it to the final round of the show and won the hearts of many Africans. Rap music Rap…

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