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The Coronavirus Shows Why We Have to Tackle the Obesity Crisis

Every critical care specialist attending COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit where I have been filling in as an intensive care physician for the past two weeks makes the same observation: Our patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hospital have lower body masses. Critical care doctors in other parts of the country, as well as my colleagues in Europe, report seeing the same thing. New research backs up the anecdotal observations. Data from my institution, NYU Langone, shows that body mass…

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Lessons of a Hero From the Plague for Surviving the Coronavirus

Naturally, comparisons to the Black Death are echoing around now. The bubonic plague was a highly contagious bacterial disease that came and went throughout Europe and beyond for three centuries. In its first explosive visitation in the mid-1300s it might have led to the deaths of one-third of Europe’s population in under a decade. Some say we shouldn’t draw comparisons as too alarmist. The plagues mortality rate was at least 50 per cent as compared to something around 3.4 per cent for COVID-19. Besides, they argue, today were enlightened; we…

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