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New COVID-19 test developed in Singapore detects past infection within an hour

A new COVID-19 test that can rapidly assess if a person has been previously infected with the coronavirus is now available to hospitals in Singapore. Launched on Friday (May 15), the cPass serology test detects antibodies – formed by the body to fight off infections – in the blood or serum of patients. It is not used to check for active infection. Its main purpose rather, is for contact tracing, detecting asymptomatic cases and assessing herd immunity. Such serological tests have been used in Singapore for contact tracing. What is different about the new…

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Botox Doc Busted in COVID-19 Scam Peddling Trumps Favorite Drug

A California Botox doctor is charged with fraud after his spa sold a magic bullet coronavirus treatmentwhich included Xanax and antimalarial drugs touted by President Trumpto an undercover FBI agent last week. Jennings Ryan Staley, 44, faces one count of mail fraud for allegedly peddling a COVID-19 Treatment Pack that included chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which Trump has advanced as a cure for the coronavirus. (The drugs are undergoing clinical trials for COVID-19, though one Brazilian study ground to a halt after patients developed heart problems.) If convicted, Staley could be…

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Brazil overtakes Britain to become country with third-highest number of Covid-19 cases

Brazil has registered 16,792 Covid-19 deaths, the sixth-highest toll in the world. But experts say under-testing means the real figures could be 15 times higher or more. The giant South American country of 210 million people is torn by a political battle over how to respond to the virus. Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro compares the virus to a “little flu,” condemns the “hysteria” surrounding it and is urging the country to get back to work to stop an economic crash. State and local authorities, however, are largely calling on citizens…

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Why Africa is least affected by deaths from COVID-19’Nigeria

The predictions were sombre and the statistics scary. A calamity of immense proportion would hit the continent, leaving it worse off than other regions of the world. But months since COVID-19 struck, Africa with its notorious poor health infrastructure has recorded the least deaths. The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) had in April predicted: “Anywhere between 300,000 and 3.3 million African people could lose their lives as a direct result of COVID-19.” The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned African countries to “prepare for the worst”, while Melinda Gates,…

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Heres How Covid-19 Immunity Compares to Other Diseases

One of the many unknowns about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is how we might become immune to it. When you get infected with viruses, along with other baddies like bacteria, your immune system fights back by producing proteins called antibodies. These stick around for the long haul, and your body is prepared to churn out more of them if you come into contact with the pathogen again. It’s how vaccines work: By introducing a dead or weakened version of a virus to your immune system, you trick it into producing…

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