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Caruzo: Twitter Lets Venezuela’s Maduro Peddle ‘Miraculous’ Anti-Coronavirus Cure

CARACAS, Venezuela – Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro has spent months promoting Carvativir, his “miraculous” droplets that, according to him, neutralize the Chinese Coronavirus in its entirety. Maduro’s is a bogus claim seemingly exempt from any repercussions on behalf of Twitter, a radical contrast from the treatment received by conservative figures in the past over their endorsement of proven treatments. The socialist regime of Venezuela is quite adept at creating media narratives within these borders — an easily achievable feat for them due to the fact that they control most of…

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Technology and the future of political adjustment in Nigeria

In the wake of the Facebook scandal, the story of 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg explaining Harvard students who offered him their details as dumb were consistently composed by experts, authors and viewpoint columnists. But the trainees weren’t dumb as the boasting teen expected. The author of the best selling “Hello World “argued that they trust the algorithm lord with their information as part of the exchange to return them with totally free service to connect with family and meet new pals. Otherwise the world, as of 2019, would be filled with…

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