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Modelling suggests Australia will run out of ICU beds on April 5

NEW modelling, published online today by the Medical Journal of Australia, suggests that Australian hospitals do not currently have the capacity to accommodate possible demand and, as a result, the future mortality rate of COVID-19 may be much higher than expected. They estimated that, given Australia has around 2200 ICU beds currently, “Australia’s ICU capacity will be exceeded at around 22 000 COVID-19 cases sometime around 5 April, 2020 … if public health measures fail to curb the rate of growth”. “How many intensive care unit beds (ICU) will the…

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COVID-19 Italy: Military fleet carries coffins of coronavirus victims out of overwhelmed town | National Post

MILAN, March 19 (Reuters) — Italy ordered the army to move bodies from a northern town at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak where funeral services have been overwhelmed as the government prepared to prolong emergency lockdown measures across the country. Video shot by local people in Bergamo, northeast of Milan, and shown on the website of the local newspaper Eco di Bergamo, showed a long column of military trucks driving through the streets overnight and removing coffins from the town’s cemetery. This isn’t a war or movie scene. What…

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