Australasia Covid19 

Coronavirus: Getting into Fortress New Zealand-it ain’t as easy as you think

House of Travel says it isn’t uncommon for Kiwis to be hit by “three or more” booking changes, as they attempt to fly home amongst the frenzy created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Changing government restrictions, emaciated flight schedules, and the introduction of new visa rules often with little or no forewarning has made long-haul flying a giant game of whack-a-mole – keep up or risk being caught out. New Zealanders abroad are consistently told they are welcome to return home at any point, yet many face obstacles in their bid…

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Africa Manufacturing 

Manufacturing sector in Nigeria and the reality of a “new normal”

Across the globe, there is a pervading awareness that things will never be the same in the post-pandemic era. Already, some business ventures that were once considered the ‘crème’ of the global economy have taken serious hits in unimaginable measures, and some of the little ones which were regarded as below the rung, are fast rising to match up. With the new social rules in place, some businesses have come to the sad realisation that they may have to remain closed for much longer than they expected. Even for those…

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Covid19 North America 

COVID-19 conspiracies creating a ‘public health crisis’ in Canada, experts say

A lively crowd gathered outside Francois Legault’s office in downtown Montreal in mid-July to send a message to the Quebec premier: his government cannot force them to wear masks in indoor public spaces to fight the spread of COVID-19. “Long live freedom without a mask,” read one sign at the rally, which drew several dozen people. “My body, my choice” read another, alongside a drawing of a medical mask with a line across it. The anti-mask movement is not unique to Quebec, nor are masks the only source of conflict…

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Africa Covid19 

MTN Nigeria’s revenue dips by 6% as data income hits N79bn

MTN Nigeria has reported a six percent decline in total revenue in the second quarter of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact businesses. According to the half-year financial results published by the company on Wednesday, data revenue grew by 7.8 percent from N74.1 billion in the first quarter of 2020 to N79.9 billion in the second quarter. However, voice revenue declined by -9.6 percent from N226.9 billion in the first quarter to N205.2 billion in the second quarter. On a year-on-year basis, the telco said it added 9…

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Covid19 Europe 

Train Travel in Italy Post COVID-19 – An American in Rome

Italy is much quieter this year, but Italians are having a fairly normal summer all things considered. With daily cases hovering around 250 for the country, and mask wearing mandatory in all indoor environments, the borders have opened to EU and Schengen area visitors. This means that trains are running around the country, but some things have changed for Italian trains because of coronavirus. But travel from other countries, even those approved by the EU, is limited and we don’t know when it will be possible for all to travel…

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