Russia flew unmarked military aircraft to Libya to evacuate mercenaries

The United States has alleged that the Russian military flew over a dozen unmarked aircraft to Libya, in an attempt to provide air support for Russian mercenaries who are fighting in Tripoli. If true, this development marks a major escalation of Russia’s military intervention in the Libyan civil war. The war has been raging in Libya since 2011, when a popular uprising backed by the West and its allies led to the demise of the country’s dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Much of the east of the country is controlled by the…

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Oil and Gas 

We urgently need US leadership to help end Libya oil embargo: NOC chairman Sanalla

Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, called for urgent U.S. intervention to assist end the Libyan oil embargo. The call came last Wednesday throughout Sanalla’s conference with U.S. Ambassador Richard Norland in Tunis. The NOC stated the conference discussed the financial and humanitarian effect of recent attacks on Tripoli port and the oil blockade. It priced quote Sanalla saying: “The occasions of the last couple of days and weeks suggests that the Libyan economy is moving into a crisis and more Libyans are suffering. Yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) attack…

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