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The Coronavirus Shows Why We Have to Tackle the Obesity Crisis

Every critical care specialist attending COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit where I have been filling in as an intensive care physician for the past two weeks makes the same observation: Our patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hospital have lower body masses. Critical care doctors in other parts of the country, as well as my colleagues in Europe, report seeing the same thing. New research backs up the anecdotal observations. Data from my institution, NYU Langone, shows that body mass…

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Heres How Covid-19 Immunity Compares to Other Diseases

One of the many unknowns about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is how we might become immune to it. When you get infected with viruses, along with other baddies like bacteria, your immune system fights back by producing proteins called antibodies. These stick around for the long haul, and your body is prepared to churn out more of them if you come into contact with the pathogen again. It’s how vaccines work: By introducing a dead or weakened version of a virus to your immune system, you trick it into producing…

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Doctor explores COVID-19 preparedness in Ghana

A monster is on the loose. An illness called COVID-19. Wall Street has eyes on the beast and its prospective to turn a bull market into a bearish market. Like a beast with a fire-lit tail, it is going from country to country lighting up fires that devour human lives. The smoke of symptoms of contaminated clients is the first clue about its existence. By the time firefighters get there to quench the fire, there are 4 or five other fires. It is off to the next country. Worldwide it…

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