Ghana: Low Utilisation of Insecticide-Treated Nets Worrying, Behavioral Change a Need

Ghana continues to make investments in malaria prevention. This is because she is one of the 11 countries contributing to the global malaria burden. For instance, out of the 228 million malaria cases recorded across the world, with 405,000 deaths the disease accounted for 42.8 per cent of Out Patient Department (OPD)suspectedcases, 22.2 per cent inpatients admissions and 1.1 per cent inpatient deaths in the country. One of the nation’s malaria intervention programmes is the distribution of free Insecticide-treated nets (ITNs)and the use of ITNs has been identified as one…

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Africa Covid19 

US Embassy Warns Citizens Over COVID-19 Spread in Morocco

Rabat – The US embassy in Rabat issued a statement today, warning citizens of the spread of COVID-19 in Morocco. The embassy recalled that Morocco is still under a state of emergency as part of the efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. The country’s restrictions include border closures, flight suspensions, and a nighttime curfew the embassy warned. The statement reminded US citizens of Morocco’s recent decision to implement COVID-19 flight suspensions with Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, and South Africa, among other countries. The embassy cited the Department…

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Covid19 Europe 

BREAKING! Hungary extends coronavirus restrictions until March 15

The government will maintain the current restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic until March 15, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office told a weekly press briefing on Thursday. Gergely Gulyás said that the third wave of the pandemic had hit Hungary and indicators could “worsen even dramatically” in the next one or two weeks. “The next two weeks will be particularly difficult,” he added. There are a number of new variants of the virus in the country, spreading faster than earlier ones, Gulyás said, but added that the…

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Australasia Covid19 

Coronavirus Australia live news: COVID-19 death toll climbs to ‘more than 2.5 million’

There have now been more than 2.5 million deaths linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, Johns Hopkins University says. Global deaths have been falling since the end of January, with many countries still in strict lockdowns, and vaccines being rolled out. More than 130 million people have received at least one vaccine dose around the world so far. By Daniel Smith Overseas whip-around Before we find ourselves knee-deep in press conferences, let’s take a quick look at the state of play around the world. We’ve hit the grim milestone of more…

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Health experts encourage creativity, social support as bars reopen across Canada

After photos of crowded night clubs caught the attention of public health officials, the noisy downtown bar district in St. John’s, N.L. was a more controlled scene than usual last Saturday. The many bars, pubs and nightclubs on George Street closed their dance floors and kept doors open to circulate air. Masked bouncers performed head counts on the mostly young patrons in line. Neil Rajan, 20, was lined up outside the Rob Roy for a night out with his girlfriend. Rajan said he’s been following news on the pandemic and…

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