Covid19 North America 

Congress Put the Brakes on Cuba Relief to Protect Front-Line Democrat

several House Democrats quietly killed an attempt to roll back aspects of the Trump administration’s sanctions on Cuba, which have exacerbated the economic fallout of the pandemic and hit the country with severe food and medicine shortages to protect a front-line Democrat. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill had proposed two Cuba-related amendments to the appropriations bill, aimed at alleviating the Trump administration’s efforts to strangle the country’s economy and returning to Obama-era policy. One of the measures would have prohibited officials from blocking food and medicine exports to Cuba, while the…

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Covid19 Europe North America 

Botox Doc Busted in COVID-19 Scam Peddling Trumps Favorite Drug

A California Botox doctor is charged with fraud after his spa sold a magic bullet coronavirus treatmentwhich included Xanax and antimalarial drugs touted by President Trumpto an undercover FBI agent last week. Jennings Ryan Staley, 44, faces one count of mail fraud for allegedly peddling a COVID-19 Treatment Pack that included chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which Trump has advanced as a cure for the coronavirus. (The drugs are undergoing clinical trials for COVID-19, though one Brazilian study ground to a halt after patients developed heart problems.) If convicted, Staley could be…

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Waste Management 

Pollution Takes Toll On Lake Victoria

As you sit at home or in a hotel, drinking that glass of water, you could be putting your life at risk since some of it, whose source is Lake Victoria, may be contaminated. For more than three months, a combined team of NMG journalists from Uganda and Kenya, accompanied by scientists from University of Nairobi, combed different parts of the lake right from the border with Tanzania down at Rakai where Kagera River pours it dirty waters into the lake, to Kenya where the lake faces stark reality of…

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