Uganda: Govt Obtains Aircraft to combat Desert Locusts

Uganda response group on desert locusts has actually gotten an aircraft from the Desert Locust Control Organisation of East Africa (DLCO-EA) to assist battle swarms of locusts that have actually attacked the country. The aircraft landed in Moroto airstrip on Friday evening after going through maintenance in Nairobi the day in the past, according to authorities on the team. Mr Evarist Magara, the Uganda representative for DLCO-EA, said the aircraft will be used for monitoring and aerial spray operations.  Mr Magara stated the organisation has been mainly helping Uganda react…

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How to Protect Your Farm From Locusts

As several millions of locusts tear through Turkana wilderness to advance to greener grasslands in Uganda, emotions are high among local farmers across the country. Uganda is no new territory to locusts. Seventy years ago, they were devouring crops and feasting on the last tree leaf at the edge of the country. No one can pinpoint what exactly caused the return of locusts, but experts say the heavy rain experienced last year around the Horn of Africa and the Persian Gulf provided perfect humid conditions for the pests to breed…

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