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Was That Cold I Had in November or December Coronavirus?

It is a comforting thought at a time of mass death from a historic and unpredictable pandemic: What if I had it already maybe even that time I felt sick a few months ago? After all, while antibody testing is only now being rolled out in any significant numbers and its reliability remains in doubt the hope is that having recovered from the illness might offer some measure of immunity to reinfection. And the documented prevalence of so-called silentor asymptomaticspreaders suggests many Americans have unknowingly been infected. But public health…

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New COVID-19 test developed in Singapore detects past infection within an hour

A new COVID-19 test that can rapidly assess if a person has been previously infected with the coronavirus is now available to hospitals in Singapore. Launched on Friday (May 15), the cPass serology test detects antibodies – formed by the body to fight off infections – in the blood or serum of patients. It is not used to check for active infection. Its main purpose rather, is for contact tracing, detecting asymptomatic cases and assessing herd immunity. Such serological tests have been used in Singapore for contact tracing. What is different about the new…

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