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France Burned 1.6 Billion Face Masks in the Run Up to Coronavirus

Scandal is brewing in France as it has been revealed it was the policy of successive French governments to burn and not replace swathes of their expensive stockpiles of PPE. In 2011, the nation’s stockpile reached its peak with one billion surgical masks and 714 million high performance FFP2 masks. By 2020, there were just 117 million masks left… As recently as this year, PPE equipment was being burned as part of a policy introduced when potential pandemics like Swine Flue and SARS were discovered to be less deadly than…

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The Coronavirus Shows Why We Have to Tackle the Obesity Crisis

Every critical care specialist attending COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit where I have been filling in as an intensive care physician for the past two weeks makes the same observation: Our patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hospital have lower body masses. Critical care doctors in other parts of the country, as well as my colleagues in Europe, report seeing the same thing. New research backs up the anecdotal observations. Data from my institution, NYU Langone, shows that body mass…

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Amid growing coronavirus threat, Mexico’s president says he’s putting trust in good-luck charms

In recent weeks, as Mexico’s neighbours to the north and south have restricted air travel and closed schools and businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has nonchalantly portrayed his country as one on the sidelines of the global health crisis. “Pandemics … won’t do anything to us,” he said on Monday while accusing the media and his political opponents of exaggerating the threat of the virus. He has declined to close his borders or ban travel from particularly afflicted countries and has…

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