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Modelling suggests Australia will run out of ICU beds on April 5

NEW modelling, published online today by the Medical Journal of Australia, suggests that Australian hospitals do not currently have the capacity to accommodate possible demand and, as a result, the future mortality rate of COVID-19 may be much higher than expected. They estimated that, given Australia has around 2200 ICU beds currently, “Australia’s ICU capacity will be exceeded at around 22 000 COVID-19 cases sometime around 5 April, 2020 … if public health measures fail to curb the rate of growth”. “How many intensive care unit beds (ICU) will the…

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European Federation Makes Appeal for Booksellers

As bookshops are shuttered in many parts of the world in the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the booksellers’ federation asks for help, as Wales’ Hay Festival continues raising funds to cover its losses. At a bookstore in the Noordeinde district of The Hague in the Netherlands, a photo made prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. Image – iStockphoto: Wallpaper-101 By Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson Bookstores’ ‘Already Fragile Economic Situation’ The full text of the EIBF’s message, as released to news media, reads: “As COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to…

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