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Bhangra dancer from Canada who went viral tells Lorraine the dance has helped him stay positive 

A dancer from Canada who has gone viral told Lorraine practicing Bhangra has kept him positive. Gurdeep Pandher, from the Yukon, Canada, has gone viral after spreading joy through Bhangra, a traditional dance from India. Speaking to Lorraine this morning, the dancer, who has shares several videos of himself dancing in Canadian fields and even on snowy days, said the dance was responsible for his positive mental attitude. He said Bhangra helps him forget about his troubles and live in the present, and his joyful videos have caught the attentions…

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COVID-19 can survive on the soles of shoes for up to five days

Infectious disease specialists have warned that COVID-19 can live on the soles of shoes for up to five days, with footwear more likely to carry coronavirus if it has been worn in busy areas like supermarkets, airports or on public transport. The sole of a shoe is the main breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses, but respiratory droplets carried in the air from a person infected with coronavirus can still land anywhere on the upper part of a shoe like the laces or the heel. Soles are typically made…

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