North America 

How Costa Rica Slowed, Stopped, Then Reversed Deforestation in Their Rainforests

In the 1970s and 80s, Costa Rica had the highest deforestation rates in Latin America but the next few decades saw the country halt her forest loss, initiate replanting and conservation efforts, and regrow almost all of her lost tree cover. Their methods have set up the most successful forest management model on earth. Leading the way in the fight against human-accelerated climate change, Costa Rica’s success story of sustainable forestry was strengthened by a simple strategy of valuing forests by paying for their restoration, through their Payment for Environmental…

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Covid19 North America 

COVID-19 exposing Canada’s dependency on temporary foreign workers in the agri-food sector

Edible mushrooms are a cash crop for Canada’s agricultural capitalists, and the multimillion-dollar industry is tied to high foreign demand. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the domestic mushroom industry has faced a 30 to 50 percent loss in production that has forced the closure of many farms, and placed the health and status of the majority of the industry’s foreign workers at risk. Nearly 200,000 tons of mushrooms are produced in Canada annually, according to Statistics Canada. The province of Ontario accounts for half of national mushroom…

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Ariston Comfort Obstacle: Hot water heater market leader brings international project to Nigeria

Ariston, the leading and the most worldwide brand in the Ariston Thermo Group, has premiered its international project ‘The Ariston Comfort Difficulty’ in Nigeria, which highlights its worldwide mission of bringing sustainable comfort, even where it seems difficult to discover. The Ariston Convenience Difficulty concentrates on ensuring thermal comfort could reach throughout the world. Through this mission, Ariston has donated a warm shelter to a group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen involved in climate change research studies in the remote and icy Island of Disko, in Greenland (Arctic).…

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Financial Services 

USAID & Vital Capital Partner to Finance Agribusiness in Kenya

US Agency for International Development’s Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM) and Vital Capital have partnered to provide funding to Kenyan agri-businesses that have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. KIM is a five-year program funded by USAID to unlock financing to businesses that have been hit by the global pandemic. Vital Capital and KIM are looking to execute at least five completed transactions that would provide at least $5 million in financing, to alleviate the strain of the virus on Kenyan businesses, and in the long run, sustain 500 jobs.…

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French Company Using Satellite Innovation to Increase Maize Yields in Western Kenya

A new 18-month task will use innovative digital tools to keep track of agricultural soil health conditions in western Kenya and optimise making use of fertilisers, water and carbon sequestration in maize production Led by French agtech business itk. The KILIMO task’s goal is to demonstrate how satellite and modelling technologies can produce tailored, farm-level recommendations at scale Satellite to map and track the condition of Vihiga Nation’s soils through colour spectrometry, which analyses crop colour and density. This real-time details, combined with meteorological information, will be fed into itk…

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