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UNZA creates holding company to maximize self-sufficiency

In a statement, Thursday, UNZA acting head of communication and marketing Dr Brenda Bukowa explained that the newly-established holding company would function as an umbrella for all business ventures at the University. “UNZA, in a bid to maximize its potential and attain self-sustainability, has set up a holding company registered with PACRA as UNZA Holdings Limited to work as an umbrella for all business ventures at the institution. The University, in addition to its teaching and learning, research and community service mandate, operates various business entities that include: Liempe Farm;…

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Look towards agric to boost economy, farmer advises FG Features

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to look towards agriculture as he aims to rebound the Nigerian economy, which has largely been affected by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. Shuiab Mubarak, an agricultural investor, said, “The coronavirus outbreak has made farming and other agro sectors grow more than ever before and the need for food is increasing daily. The prices of products and other staples are getting higher every day, as there is no more room for the importation of food. Nigeria and indeed the world is depending on what is…

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Queensland border could stay closed until September as 12 Victoria McDonald’s shut

So we have to get this relationship right and it’s incumbent upon the government to do so. No one’s arguing that there shouldn’t be a Covid inquiry and by the way this relationship has been deteriorating for the last three years, not just since Covid emerged … [inaudible] rebuild the relationship and ensure we normalise our trading relationship. China will be an important market for us for decades to come, it will become increasingly a high-value market as the middle-classes continue to emerge and to capitalise on that and to…

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Safi Organics Turns Farm Waste into Black Gold and Poor Farmers into Entrepreneurs

Mwea Ngurubani County, Kenya– Mary Rigo has actually been a spinach and tomato farmer for the past years a couple of minute’s drive from here in Kirinyaga county, where she owns a two-acre farm about one hundred kilometres (simply over 60 miles) northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Rigo did not use fertilisers, relying rather on whatever fertility the land might offer to her veggie crops. She has meager resources, so utilizing fertilisers to increase her farm’s performance was not a choice. The years of attempting to grow adequate food without…

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The Fallacious Fantasy of Doomsday Prepperism

What makes a person a prepper? Is it how many rows of cans are stacked in their basement? Intimate familiarity with the finest brands of water purification tablets? Or is it the glint in their eye when they talk about the impending collapse of civilization? Mark O’Connell has a theory. “Preppers are not preparing for their fears: they are preparing for their fantasies,” he writes in his new book, Notes From an Apocalypse, a tour of places where catastrophic thinking reigns. Ford O’Connell, a prepper lives for the moment when…

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