Australasia Covid19 

The Salvation Army International – Salvation Army in the Solomon Islands Responds to Cyclone and Coronavirus

The Solomon Islands have yet to record a case of COVID-19, but stringent disease control measures are nonetheless affecting islanders particularly those of limited means. The coronavirus restrictions come in the wake of devastation wrought by Cyclone Harold in April, affecting many homes and livelihoods. The Salvation Army has been working with community leaders and partners in the Burns Creek settlement in East Honiara to ensure food security and mitigate against a rise in crime. The COVID-19 restrictions closed the market stalls around Honiara and community chiefs expressed ‘deep concern’…

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Africa Startups 

Tanzania’s East Africa Fruits closes Series A funding worth $3.1m

Tanzanian agri-tech company East Africa Fruits has closed a Series A funding round worth US$3.1 million as it aims to build essential supply chain infrastructure and better transport fresh produce directly from farms to urban marketplaces. Founded by social entrepreneur Elia Timotheo in 2013, addresses food distribution challenges to improve efficiencies in the farm-to-market sector via a B2B e-commerce platform. The company provides a stable, fair market for horticulture crops by aggregating supply and demand and improving cold chain distribution and warehousing infrastructure that reduces post-harvest loss and increases availability…

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Africa Agriculture Government 

Is Technological Innovation in Agriculture Enough to Secure Food Security in Ghana?

Innovation in agricultural technology is instrumental in achieving broad-based social and economic growth in developing countries. In Ghana and the wider region, the sector employs more people than any other industry. It is, however, much more than a source of employment and economic growth. Ghana’s agriculture sector has proven to be the nation’s route towards achieving food security. For a country to be self-sufficient and able to feed itself is a basic requirement – and, it is the only feasibly sustainable way to realise the United Nation’s 2nd Sustainable Development…

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Safi Organics Turns Farm Waste into Black Gold and Poor Farmers into Entrepreneurs

Mwea Ngurubani County, Kenya– Mary Rigo has actually been a spinach and tomato farmer for the past years a couple of minute’s drive from here in Kirinyaga county, where she owns a two-acre farm about one hundred kilometres (simply over 60 miles) northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Rigo did not use fertilisers, relying rather on whatever fertility the land might offer to her veggie crops. She has meager resources, so utilizing fertilisers to increase her farm’s performance was not a choice. The years of attempting to grow adequate food without…

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Covid19 Europe 

The businesses crowdfunding to survive

“Running a small business is touch and go at the best of times,” says Rachel Ho, director of an independent coffee shop in Tottenham, north London. And these, it seems fair to say, are far from the best of times. Ahead of warnings the UK’s economy could shrink by 35%, the Treasury set aside billions to keep businesses afloat during the coronavirus lockdown. But for many, access to that funding is proving too difficult or too slow – and fewer than 2% of the 300,000 inquiries to the government’s loan…

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