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Cameroon to open schools in orderly fashion amid epidemic prevention

Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on Friday issued technical guidelines for schools nationwide to reopen in an orderly manner, depending on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the Central African country. Only examination classes in primary and secondary schools will resume classes on June 1, Ngute said in a statement, adding the students will be “properly distributed” among classrooms to observe social distancing rules. Sanitary kits with hand sanitizers, thermoflashes, and hand-washing basins will be available at the entrance of the schools, according to the guidelines. It is…

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Cuba and Jamaica Could be the First Countries to end Their National COVID-19 Outbreaks

Jamaica and Cuba are two Caribbean countries that are close to ending their respective national COVID-19 outbreaks. The International volunteer coalition, End Covid-19 listed the two countries recently. End Covid-19 compiled data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and John Hopkins University, before they listed the Caribbean islands among the 32 countries that seem to have done exceptionally well to control the spread of the covid-19, as they are close to a gradual flattening of the infection curve. To completely control the virus, new cases per day must be at zero.…

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Coronavirus: Hospitals in Brazil’s largest city near collapse amid huge spike in cases, mayor says

The healthcare system in Brazil’s largest city is on the verge of collapse due to coronavirus, its mayor has said. Bruno Covas, mayor of Sao Paulo, said public hospitals in the city of 12 million people had already reached 90 per cent capacity, and could run out of space within two weeks. “It is hard to believe that some prefer the population to be subjected to Russian roulette. Indifference in the face of death is unseemly,” he said of those flouting social distancing measures, which includes the country’s far-right president,…

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Italy sees its daily coronavirus death toll fall below 100

Italy has seen its daily coronavirus death toll fall below 100 for the first time in more than two months – with new infections also at their lowest since early March. Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic climbed by 99 on Monday, against 145 the day before, the Civil Protection Agency said, registering the first tally of below 100 since March 9. New cases increased by just 451 against 675 on Sunday, the lowest daily figure since March 2. The decline in the daily number of deaths on Monday bucked a…

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Coronavirus: Mauritius, Eritrea, Cambodia among countries with no active cases

Coronavirus might have plagued about 213 countries and territories in the world, but no fewer than six of these countries currently do not have any active cases. These countries have either discharged all their patients or discharged most while recording few deaths. Global coronavirus cases, this week, crossed 4.7 million, a quarter of whom have recovered, and over 300,000 have died. This has left global active cases at more than 2.6 million, with only 44,798 (2%) in serious condition, according to real time updates from online coronavirus tracker, Worldometer. But…

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