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Australia is defeating coronavirus but remains at risk of losing through an ‘economic own goal’

If handling pandemics was a sport, Australia has made it into the knockout stages of the coronavirus world cup. Despite the current localised outbreaks in Melbourne, half of Australia’s states and both territories are effectively coronavirus free, while there’s only a smattering of cases elsewhere. Economically too, Australia is among the world leaders, thanks to continued demand for our major commodity exports plus large and rapid economic stimulus that has buttressed consumer spending and kept at least 3 million workers attached to their employers, even if those businesses were shut…

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MONEY, PEOPLE & POWER: The 10 bank CEOs who control 80% of Uganda’s banking sector – CEO East Africa

1. Anne Juuko Chief Executive, Stanbic Bank 2019 Asset Value: UGX6.6 trillion Market Share: 20.2 per cent Industry Rank: 1 Stanbic Bank has maintained the top spot in the banking sector ever since the acquisition of a majority stake (80per cent) in Uganda Commercial Bank (UCB) back in 2001. Getting to the top spot was the easy bit – despite the politics around the acquisition. Remaining at the top, ahead of the chasing pack is where all credit is due to the bank shareholders and management that have given the…

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Togo, Niger, Benin owe Nigeria N32.04 billion for electricity supplied in 2019

Togo, Niger, and Benin Republic did not pay their N32.04 billion bills for the electricity Nigeria supplied to them in 2019, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) said. According to data from the NERC, the three countries received a total invoice of N32.04 billion for the electricity supplied to them in 2019. The commission had earlier said the trio owe Nigeria N29.97 billion. Through its electricity transmission company, Nigeria supplies power to these countries, which are classified as international customers in the Nigerian power sector. Niger’s power firm, Societe Nigerienne…

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TikTok changes the social media rules in South Africa

Since making its debut in the South African social media scene in 2018, the uptake of video-sharing app TikTok has been “astonishing”. This is one of the key findings from the South African Social Media Landscape 2020 report, unveiled virtually yesterday by World Wide Worx and Ornico. The 2020 edition of the report is based on a corporate survey conducted among more than a 100 of SA’s biggest brands and consumer behaviour data sets from on-the-ground research. The report zones in on the size and penetration of popular social media…

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This is what Umeme is doing, to keep Uganda, especially our healthcare and manufacturing facilities switched on and running

 In the last couple of days, there has actually been some considerable easing, by federal government, of some of the lockdown steps that have so far, protected Uganda from the raving Covid-19. As many Ugandans start to go back to work, they will more than happy to find whatever running and the lights on, much like at their respective homes. Behind all this has actually been the 1,625 guys and women at Umeme; Uganda’s biggest power supplier, interacting in partnership with the generation and transmission partners, to keep Uganda, specifically…

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