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The businesses crowdfunding to survive

“Running a small business is touch and go at the best of times,” says Rachel Ho, director of an independent coffee shop in Tottenham, north London. And these, it seems fair to say, are far from the best of times. Ahead of warnings the UK’s economy could shrink by 35%, the Treasury set aside billions to keep businesses afloat during the coronavirus lockdown. But for many, access to that funding is proving too difficult or too slow – and fewer than 2% of the 300,000 inquiries to the government’s loan…

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Michigan Nurse Demonstrates How Easy Coronavirus Cross-Contamination Can Be

Recently, one trip to the grocery store for this former emergency room nurse made her see just how little some people know about cross-contamination. While shopping, she saw many people wearing gloves, which she thought was great. However, despite wearing gloves, they were still not exactly adhering to the recommendations of the health officials. So Molly decided to take it to Facebook and record a short “rant” explaining the process of germ spreading in the simplest way possible. This former nurse shared an informative rant about germ spreading Image credits:…

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