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Marriott ordered by Trump administration to close hotel in Cuba

President Trump orders the Marriott International Company, the only U.S. company to run hotel in Cuba to close its Four Points Sheraton in Havana and wind down its operations by August 31. The hotel operator had received notice its government-issued license would not be renewed, a company spokeswoman said. This was first issued during the 2014-2016 U.S.-Cuban detente pursued by former President Barack Obama, that President Donald Trump has since rolled back. The U.S. Department of Treasury had also informed the company that it would “not be permitted to open…

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Donald Trump touts racial equality while referring to COVID-19 as ‘China plague’

President Donald Trump referred to the coronavirus as the “China plague” on Friday during a news conference in which he boasted about the U.S. economy. Speaking at the White House, Trump addressed the May jobs report that was released this week, claiming that a strong economy is the “greatest thing that can happen for race relations.” “When we had our tremendous numbers … just prior to the China plague that floated in, we had numbers, the best in history, for African American, for Hispanic American, for Asian American, and for…

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As coronavirus rages in Brazil, Bolsonaro’s embrace of Israel puts Jews at risk

Across the globe all manner of figures, from the political fringes to the mainstream, are flooding social media and TV shows with their take on why the coronavirus, fake or real, was concocted by the meddling Jew. It was Soros, it was the Mossad, it was the Rothschilds trying to tank the economy. Their posts feel like standing in a European town square during the Black Death. But in Brazil, led by Jair Bolsonaro, a man more concerned with protecting his sons from a corruption probe than safeguarding his citizens…

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Masaka Kids Receive YouTube Gold Creator Award – Online news from Uganda and the East African region

Uganda’s Teen dancing group Masaka Kids Africana have joined Eddy Kenzo in the YouTube Gold creator Award category after Surpassing one Million YouTube subscribers. The Masaka Kids Africana is composed of children aged 2 and above many of who are orphans. According to their website, “they represent all the children of the continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land”. Upon receiving the Award from YouTube the Masaka Kids praised God for the Award and thanked their fans…

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From ‘Respect’ to ‘Sick and Twisted’: How Coronavirus Hit U.S.-China Ties

Hard-liners are calling on Beijing to be more defiant, emboldened by the Trump administration’s efforts to blame China for the mounting death toll in the United States. Moderates are warning that Beijing’s strident responses could backfire, isolating the country when it most needs export markets and diplomatic partners to revive its economy and regain international credibility. “I have a very good relationship, but I just — right now I don’t want to speak to him,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Xi on Thursday. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, Zhao…

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