Waste Management 

Rwanda setting example for electronic waste recycling

Government and private sector interacted to produce jobs in brand-new ‘industry’The very first African nation to prohibit plastic bags now has another notch to contribute to its ecological belt– a thorough approach to recycling and repurposing electronic waste.”Rwanda is among the few nations that have an electronic waste policy and policies, and is the 2nd in Africa to have a modern e-waste dismantling and recycling facility,”said Olivier Mbera, country basic supervisor of EnviroServe Rwanda, which runs the recycling facility.”Rwanda is setting a terrific example for other nations in Africa. “he…

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Africa Covid19 Government Healthcare 

Burundi president becomes world’s first head of state to die of Covid confirm medics

The Burundian president died from the coronavirus, according to medics at the hospital where he was flown to following his death. The country’s government had announced Pierre Nkurunziza’s cause of death as from a heart attack. A medical source at the Karusi hospital where Nkurunziza died, has confirmed the president was in ‘respiratory distress’ before his death. Medics at the Kamenge university hospital in Bujumbura told AFP that the head of the institute of public health requested their hospital’s only ventilator and the head of our reanimation service ‘in the name…

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Agriculture Technology 

Fighting Two Major Cassava Diseases in Burundi with Nuclear Technology

“The average fresh yield of cassava in Burundi is 9.9 tonnes/ha, which lags behind yields of 15–40 tonnes/ha achieved elsewhere,” said Ernest Vyizigiro, Head of the Institute of Agronomic Sciences (ISABU). The IAEA, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), is supporting Burundian scientists in using nuclear technology to develop high-yielding varieties of cassava resistant to these diseases. Some existing cassava varieties in Burundi are resistant to CMD, but not to CBSD, which first appeared in the country in 2011. “To date, all five…

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