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South Africa: Farm Attack Victim Speaks Out In Court

Even after being tortured and raped in front of her own children by a Black, this White female still, regretfully, fails to completely break out of her mental programming/prison; and quotes multiracialist Communist Nelson Mandela in useless hope that it will enhance the behavior of Blacks made even more hate-crazed toward Whites than ever by anti-White propaganda. Racial separation is the only solution. MY great-grandfather, grandpa and dad were all farmers. I wed a farmer whose family have farmed their land for 3 generations. It is with deep unhappiness that…

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Scots asked to help little boy with cancer fulfil final wish by sending postcards to Canada

Scots are being asked to help a talented young cancer sufferer see as much of Europe as possible – by sending postcards to him in Canada. Zac Connolly, who is bilingual, was due to visit the UK and Europe but his trip had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus lockdown and his poor health. He first beat the disease after being diagnosed with fourth stage high rush neuroblastoma as a two-year-old toddler. But he relapsed last year, with the cancer being much more aggressive second time round. Now 11,…

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The doctors from Africa saving British lives

In this FT series people in many different situations share their experiences of this extraordinary time. The Coronavirus Diaries are published every Tuesday and Thursday. You may have been surprised to learn that the first and second hospital doctors to die of coronavirus in the UK were both of Sudanese origin. I was not. I was born in Sudan — I came to London aged two — and I have lost count of the number of my relatives who are working as doctors in the UK, Europe, the US and…

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Hospital Asks For Peoples Help And This Boy Scout Delivers

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, the famous saying “not all heroes wear capes” applies to more and more people every day. The doctors and the rest of the medical staff fighting the virus on the frontlines, all the people who can’t stay home and are going to work every day, keeping our civilization intact and functioning as it’s supposed to – shopkeepers, cashiers, electricians, plumbers, garbagemen, you name it. We also can’t forget the people who are locking themselves at home so they can relieve at…

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