Covid19 North America 

Costa Rica will be the next hub for a space-junk hunting radar

Carlos Alvarado Quesada was elected president of Costa Rica in 2018, putting efforts to decarbonize his country’s economy at the center of his administration but his concern for the environment also extends to orbit. When Alvarado was five years old, he recalls watching the first Costa Rican astronaut, Franklin Chang Diaz (pdf), speak to the then-president of Costa Rica on a call from orbit in the Space Shuttle Columbia. That moment of international space diplomacy led to this week’s announcement that Costa Rica has been chosen to host a space…

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Covid19 Europe 

In Ukraine, a priest brings God’s love to COVID-19 patients 

Grzegorz Draus is not an astronaut, although he may look like one, nor is he a pilot of a spaceship. He is wearing protective equipment that features no fewer than 13 different items. His aim: to care for COVID-19 patients in a special hospital in Lviv, Ukraine. Face mask, protective goggles, overalls, gloves, and boiler suit … all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff have to wear them. But Grzegorzhe wears an additional item that distinguishes him from the rest—his priestly stole. Father Grzegorz Draus is a Polish Catholic…

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Energy Technology 

India-South Africa to reinforce cooperation in scientific technology and research study

India and South Africa joined hands to reinforce cooperation in Astronomy, Renewable Energy, Advanced Materials & & Production, and Indigenous Understanding System domains throughout the 12th Joint Committee Meeting (JCM) on Science and Innovation held at Pretoria, South Africa from February 17-20. Dr SK Varshney, Consultant & & Head of International Bilateral Cooperation led a four-member scientific delegation from India whereas, the South African delegation was led by Daan Du Toit, Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation and Resources, Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), South Africa. National Development Structure(NIF)and DSI, South…

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