Declassified intel says Russia is spreading coronavirus disinformation: reports

Newly declassified intelligence reportedly shows that Russian operatives are using a variety of English-language websites to spread disinformation about the novel coronavirus. Senior officials with the Russian military intelligence unit known as the GRU are responsible for the disinformation campaign, according to reports made on Tuesday. The campaign reportedly includes the dissemination of news articles with unfounded claims about the virus’s origins and how Moscow and the U.S. have responded to it, among other things. Reports on the disinformation were recently declassified so that officials could speak freely about it,…

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Asia Covid19 

BCG vaccine being tried for Covid-19 elderly individuals in hotspots in India

The study sponsored by the ICMR will recruit 1,450 elderly individuals within the ages of 60 and 99 with no preexisting conditions such as diabetes and will run across six centers in India. The hypothesis for the BCG vaccine comes from studies that have shown that the vaccine besides protecting children against tuberculosis also has non-specific effects against other respiratory tract infections.  

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Coronavirus Australia: Face masks recommended for Melbourne commuters

Deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth announced the change in policy on Thursday just 24 hours after doctors called for masks to be worn in Victoria as a precaution. “Surgical masks or cloth masks are recommended if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot socially distance,’’ he said. “This means if you have to leave your home for any of those reasons for which it is permissible, and you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you cannot follow the advice on social distancing. “It continues…

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Australasia Covid19 

Australia’s response to coronavirus challenge

Some say it’s Australia’s second wave, others that it’s still the first that immediate action allowed us to suppress. Either way, the spike in COVID-19 cases in Melbourne and the need to again impose lockdowns has refocussed our thoughts and out thinking. Cosmos asked Dr Rob Grenfell, Health Director, Health & Biosecurity, for the CSIRO, the national science agency, to provide some context. When we first went into lockdown, the main bulk of COVID-19 cases were returned travellers. However, NSW and Victoria did have a number of cases with an unknown source, more than…

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Covid19 South America 

Brazil COVID-19 deaths now 2nd in world, ‘This is the worst public health crisis we’ve faced’

On Saturday, Brazil’s Ministry of Health saw the total COVID-19 case count and deaths rise to 850,514 and 42,720, respectively. Brazil’s coronavirus mortality rate is 5 per cent, according to the health ministry. Brazil is second in the world in each category following only the US. In addition, health officials reported that 379,245 people have recovered. The situation in Brazil is bad and there is growing anger at the conduct of president Jair Bolsonaro over the pandemic who once downplayed the threat of the virus, saying on that death was…

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