A Scoop of Hope: Egypt Shows Solidarity With its African Brothers in the Most Generous Way Amid COVID-19

As we all have witnessed how the pandemic has led many countries to suffer economically, it’s very emotional to see how nations continue to help each other during such hard times. It actually gives us hope that regardless of anything we still support and help each other as humans no matter what! And the recent Egyptian generous contribution showed the world how it’s done. As a way to continue solidifying its position as an African leader, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday in a statement that Egypt contributed four…

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Africa Utilities 

Is Ethiopia secretly filling dissentious dam?

Ethiopia has constantly firmly insisted that its enthusiastic energy project on the Nile will not compromise the share of water from Africa’s longest river to its instant neighbours however is the Horn of Africa country bypassing negotiations to start covertly filling the dam? The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed was just recently quoted as firmly insisting that the filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will begin within the approaching rainy season, regardless of objections from Egypt and to some lower degree Sudan. He ensured Ethiopia’s tense neighbours that…

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Startups Transportation 

Dubai-based last-mile delivery startup iMile raises $10 million, to expand to Egypt, Kuwait and Morocco

Dubai-based last-mile delivery startup iMile has raised $10 million in a Pre-Series A round, it announced in a statement to MENAbytes today. The startup did not disclose the name of the investor but said it is a leading Chinese VC that’s active in the country’s logistics ecosystem. Founded in 2017 by Rita Huang who was previously Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba and Meeras’ joint venture in the United Arab Emirates, iMile offers different B2B and B2C logistics solutions (mainly) to eCommerce companies in the UAE and Saudi. The services include…

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