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South Africa: Farm Attack Victim Speaks Out In Court

Even after being tortured and raped in front of her own children by a Black, this White female still, regretfully, fails to completely break out of her mental programming/prison; and quotes multiracialist Communist Nelson Mandela in useless hope that it will enhance the behavior of Blacks made even more hate-crazed toward Whites than ever by anti-White propaganda. Racial separation is the only solution. MY great-grandfather, grandpa and dad were all farmers. I wed a farmer whose family have farmed their land for 3 generations. It is with deep unhappiness that…

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Nigeria Startup Andela Looking To Go Remote

It’s just days since Andela sent packing 135 of its employees. Now the company wants to go full circle by venturing into remote work. The startup has kick-started the process by putting out a placement offer to non-employees. The startup makes this move with a view to tapping more talent without necessarily having engineers relocate. Through the Andela Learning Community Program, over 100,000 people have undergone training equipping themselves with skills sought by many companies. Andela operates in five different countries but this has proven limited in terms of customer…

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Safi Organics Turns Farm Waste into Black Gold and Poor Farmers into Entrepreneurs

Mwea Ngurubani County, Kenya– Mary Rigo has actually been a spinach and tomato farmer for the past years a couple of minute’s drive from here in Kirinyaga county, where she owns a two-acre farm about one hundred kilometres (simply over 60 miles) northwest of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Rigo did not use fertilisers, relying rather on whatever fertility the land might offer to her veggie crops. She has meager resources, so utilizing fertilisers to increase her farm’s performance was not a choice. The years of attempting to grow adequate food without…

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Nigerian Startup, DevCareer Gets $6,000 Boost From Twitter’s Jack Dorsey To Train Developers

DevCareer, a nonprofit tech company which says it is supporting the rising tech community in Africa has actually raised ₤ 16,000 ($ 20,599), with a ₤ 5,000 ($ 6,437) contribution from Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. DevCareer’s starting is equivalent parts providence and pragmatism. After its founder, Sultan Akintunde, a Nigerian software developer offered free software application development courses on Twitter, he found that tracking progress for receivers was hard. Beyond providing people with access to training, there are other problems. Prospective designers in Nigeria may not have access to laptop computers,…

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