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Video Editing, at your service. Crowdsource clips and produce professionally edited videos for your brand. Our software and service make it easy for businesses to create authentic video content.

B2B Services:

MVP Incubator

Bootstrap Technology Incubator enables technology-driven companies to build micro SaaS products.
Most people think that coming up with ideas is the hardest part of generating new ones. However, once you have ideas, the hard part is finding a way to get them in front of your target audience. We’re the new face of that success.


ThinkTank.Africa enables technology-driven companies to match themselves with appropriate professionals to select mentors and create virtual advisory boards. It grows this network of professionals through a series of virtual networking events.


The #1 full-service digital advertising company for remarkable people and businesses.


The #1 full-service digital brand marketing company for remarkable people and businesses.

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