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Chakwera Protects MPs Real Estate Job, Fails to Name Financier – ‘It Doesn’t Mean Govt Will Not Build for Civil Servants’

President Lazarus Chakwera has come gun-blazing in his defense of his plan to develop homes for members of parliament (MPs) in their constituency which has come under heavy resistance from the opposition.

The opposition and analysts have chided the relocation and, rather, encouraged Chakwera to priotise building houses for civil servants including teachers and health workers.

Nevertheless, throughout his Thursday session of responding to questions in Parliament the His Excellency Concern Time (HEQs), Chakwera said structure home for MPs doesn’t imply government won’t develop houses for civil servants.

“The housing issue of civil servants is a tradition of the DPP. I am here to remedy it,” stated Chakwera, flanked by the country’s second-in-command Saulos Chilima in your house.

Chakwera said while housing was an obstacle to public servants, especially security firms and instructors, he stated his federal governments approach was holistic.

“While houses for instructors and security representatives are concern we are looking at this difficulty holistically,” he said.

“We will continue building houses for all our civil servants. However, we will also build houses for parliamentarians because we believe the move will improve responsibility people in the constituency,” he said.

He likewise stated it is surprising that some MPs protest the proposed real estate task however none of the MPs has come forward to surrender their housing allowances which cost tax payers money K2.7 billion every term.

Chakwera revealed the MPs real estate project in his State of the Country Address (Sona) address last Friday.

State Home press team stated the job will be funded by unnamed investor.

However in an extra concern to Chakwera during the HEQs, MP for Nkhotakota North East Martha Lunji asked the President to name the investor of the task and at how much it will cost “so that we ought to know the cost of the task.”

The President did not discuss the financier and the expense.

Social and political commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani has actually observed: “Building houses for MPs is not a priority today, and there is no other method to put it. We have numerous concerns as a country, much more crucial than houses for MPs.”

Kenani mentioned that the mess in the country’s education and health system alone would take years to solve.

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