Social media roasts Finance minister Bahati for paying UGX5000 for each vote to win NRM primary

When the country is feeling the pinch visited on it by Covid-19, and the country sinks further into debt, the Finance minister David Bahati had a ‘solution’ for the poor villagers in his constituency, Ndorwa West.

On voting day last week, everyone who turned up, including children, to vote, received ugx5000.

The result was resounding. Finance state minister David Bahati scored 90 per cent to regain his NRM party ticket to the finals in January next year.

Despite warnings from President Museveni who condemned violence, intimidation and voter bribery, most politicians resorted to the formula which serves them most.

For Bahati, the video making rounds on social media, show voters lining up to receive their Ugx5000 each for being in the line voting the minister.

Bahati, the junior state minister who keeps demanding for supplements in Parliament, was declared by Kabale district NRM election officer victor with 45.245 votes. His closes opponent Simpson Mpereirwe got only 5,089. The third candidate Mark K got 304 votes.

From the statistics available, only three villages in Ndorwa resisted Bahati vote bribing, out of the 300 villages in his constituency.

Bahati 47, and the third time lucky MP was roasted by social media.

Apart from violence , in Ndorwa West agents of David Bahati were giving out money to people in lines to vote . NRM primaries were a real joke for sure #NoToVoterBriberyInNdorwaWest.

In greater Kabale , the State minister of finance for planning, David Bahati who is incumbent MP for Ndorwa West County, was announced winner at today at 5:00am Minister Bahati polled 45,245 votes to defeat his closest competitor Simpson Mpirirwe.

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