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Cape Town wants to host South Africa’s first major ‘coronavirus-safe’ event

The City of Cape Town has written to the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture requesting that it be allowed to host a major drive-in as a proof of concept for future events around South Africa.

The request comes after Arts and Culture minister Nathi Mthethwa met with members of the events industry last week to discuss the reopening of the sector.

As part of the meeting, the South African Communication Industries Association (SACIA) presented the stringent safety measures and protocols they plan have put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 at events organised by any of their affiliated member organisations.

Some of the proposals include:

The City of Cape Town has expressed interest in the new proposals and said it would be interested in hosting a drive-in event with 1,000 participants.

“We have written to the national department requesting that the City of Cape Town be allowed to host a drive-in event to showcase the proof of concept for such future events,”

“We believe we are equipped and have established platforms to test and to evaluate the feasibility of hosting such a proof of concept drive-in event in the Mother City.”

The city said that the event will assist the events industry to commence recovery and to alleviate the economic distress it is currently facing.

It said that its Events Coordination Committee (ECC) has drawn up a standard operating document to be used as a guide for event organisers as part of the permit application process. These are in line with the Disaster Management Act and national health directives.

“There is a major focus on a contactless environment, strict health and safety protocols for all events to ensure the safety of participants, staff, service providers and patrons as a top priority.

“The city has already implemented standard operating procedures which have allowed the film industry to operate in a safe environment over the last four months and we believe our event protocols will achieve the same.”

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