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11 African AI startups take part in First Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Cohort from Ghana

11 Artificial Intelligence startups riven from Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, and Rwanda have been shortlisted for the  Africa AI accelerator program, which is a partnership between  Ghana Tech labs, IBM, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The chosen startups will take part in a structured 5-month accelerator program working closely with technical mentors from business development consultants and IBM to convert their AI ideas into viable solutions. The startups are leveraging on Machine Learning and AI to innovate operational solutions on healthcare, agriculture, financial freedom, transportation, and software development.

Data systems, a startup that builds software as a service application targeting the corporate market ad edtech sector.

Tabiri Analytics, cybersecurity working on the first affordable, comprehensive, and automatic cybersecurity as a service platform while relying on machine learning. The startup will target enterprises in underserved markets.

Aqua Safi, a technology solution that improves the productivity of fish by advising the farmer on what best to feed the fish.

Congretype Pty. Ltd, provides society-based solutions on ICT, renewable energy, and Climate Start Agriculture.

OpenBanking, a safe, secure, and revolutionary way of consumers sharing financial information enabling them to make more money via credit approvals and real-time payments.

Diagnosity, an AI startup that diagnoses skin diseases, giving the name, predicting severity, and assigning patients to the right dermatologist.

Kwanso, a road traffic monitoring solution offering drivers, passengers and regulators, and an app for identifying the location of accidents and monitoring speed.

Xpendly, A personal finance management app giving millennials an opportunity to sort out their finances, build their credit profiles, and financial activity while accessing financially tailored products that help in savings and investment.

Chil AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide telehealth services, e-consultation, e-medical records, e-referral, auto lab results, e-pharmacy, and a lot more.

Global Auto Systems, aims to revolutionize the healthcare system through AI and Cloud computing technology helping reduce patient outcomes and cost of care.

Wekebere, social enterprise engineering innovative healthcare solutions for expectant mothers in low-resource settings.

The program combines virtual and physical interfaces in the form of a Bootcamp and video meetups. All activities ensure the participating startups have the support to achieve growth through measurable targets. Africa AI Accelerator program is expected to be a major milestone for AI startups.

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