The Zimbabwe Republic Authorities (ZRP) has revealed that a 32-year old male from Matabeleland South Province died after he was struck by a bucket complete of gold ore while working in a mine shaft on Wednesday.

Apart from the given age of the now deceased, the ZRP could neither define the name of the deceased nor point out the particular setting of the horror shaft which claimed the life of the tricenarian.

“A 32 year old male adult in Matabeleland South passed away in a mine shaft accident after being struck on the head by a plastic pail complete of gold ore when the wood supporting the bobbing dry device lost position and required the container down. Let’s be security conscious,” the ZRP made the statement on Twitter.

In a different and heartbreaking event, a 13-year-old juvenile was on Friday electrocuted on Masasame hill in Mat South after he supposedly utilized a wood log to reach a ZESA transformer with the objective of removing naked wires.”The victim is presently in healthcare facility.

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