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South Africa: Farm Attack Victim Speaks Out In Court

Even after being tortured and raped in front of her own children by a Black, this White female still, regretfully, fails to completely break out of her mental programming/prison; and quotes multiracialist Communist Nelson Mandela in useless hope that it will enhance the behavior of Blacks made even more hate-crazed toward Whites than ever by anti-White propaganda. Racial separation is the only solution.

MY great-grandfather, grandpa and dad were all farmers. I wed a farmer whose family have farmed their land for 3 generations.

It is with deep unhappiness that I stand prior to you today and say that neither of my sons will desire to farm in South Africa!

For 17 years I had the benefit of raising my 3 kids on a beautiful citrus farm. They swam in the rivers and played in the orchards. They matured totally free and courageous as all kids should. Little did we understand that our every move was being seen. An attack was being maliciously planned.

Our lives altered in an immediate at 8 pm on 23 March 2018 when shots were fired directly at my oldest boy’s head from outdoors; these shots missed his head by centimeters.

What followed was 4 hours of pure Hell. I was shot as our assaulter fired repeatedly through the doors of our home.

I can just describe this as sensation like wild animals being hunted. Our assaulter shot through the moving door of our bedroom and got entry to our home.

He held the weapon to my 9-year-old kid’s head and threatened to shoot him. I informed my little one to be peaceful as this guy would eliminate us. All I saw were silent tears rolling down his little cheeks for the next four hours.

He tied all of us up with fencing wire, so tight that our hands lost their blood circulation.

He screamed at my children that he existed to eliminate their father which he would slice him up in front of them.

The emotional torture and level of anger that my children endured were relentless and indescribable.

He consistently threatened to shoot my eldest son’s feet off and then bought him to rape me. All we could do was plead him not to.

He then informed my kids aged 15, 13, and 9 that he was going to rape me in front of them, once again I asked and pleaded with him not to expose them to this.

He forced me to my bed room and raped me there. There was blood all over as I had actually currently been shot. I might do absolutely nothing as my hands were connected behind my back.

He then brought my 13-year-old daughter to the bed room, undressed her and tried to rape her … Once again, all I might do was ask for mercy so instead he required my gorgeous innocent child to see as he raped me again.

I can not explain the anger this man showed towards us and I knew that if my kids had any possibility of survival, I had to get this guy away from them and the farm. You do not care about yourself, you simply don’t desire your kids to die.

I provided him my bank cards and pin and persuaded him to let me drive him to town. He connected me up in my vehicle and locked me in.

I pleaded with him to let me go as I had started to enter into shock from blood loss and required to get to a healthcare facility or I would die. Finally, at 12:04 pm he concurred.

My brave scared kids had actually handled to phone a neighbour for assistance. For us as parents, the saddest part of this is that we can never give our children their innocence back.

The children and I will never have the ability to survive on the farm once again, the trauma we experienced was too excellent.

We now reside in the city, away from my spouse who visits us on weekends. My spouse has barricaded your house with bars and security. How sad it is that he now lives alone in the home where he almost lost his cherished family.

The first thing our kids stated to him after the attack was that they were so grateful he was not there as he would definitely be dead.

This reality previously this year hit me when again when I fulfilled 11 girls who had been in farm attacks; just two people still had our hubbies alive.

We are not the only individuals who have been harmed and traumatised by our attack, our devoted farm employees who over the years have become like household are sad, their lives have actually also been impacted and their future is uncertain as we have already sold one farm and are pondering selling the other. Our household needs to be together once again.

The causal sequence of each and every farm attack not just injures the farmers but also each and every South African.

Who will feed our country when there are no more farmers to work the land?

The level of violence and ruthlessness we experienced is not special, it is ending up being an everyday event and is escalating at a worrying rate in South Africa.

My family and I had no choice in what happened to us that night, we do nevertheless have the option not to let it specify us. We choose to live, and we will be forever grateful to have endured that night. It could have been so various … I wish to thank AfriForum for all their support counselling and for standing by my family throughout this experience.

Sibenzile Simane Finally, I would like to attract each and every South African to keep in mind the words of Nelson Mandela: “We can change the world and make it a much better location. It remains in your hands to make a distinction.”

Sibenzile Simane has actually been found guilty on 18 counts for the brutal farm attack in 2015 in Hankey. The ex-farm employee shot the mother who survived on the farm before raping her twice in front of her daughter.

Farm Attack Victims Denied Humanitarian Asylum

A SOUTH AFRICAN mom who was put through a ‘living problem’ by a rapist who held a gun to her kids’s head to force her into sex has pleaded for aid after her family were rejected asylum in Australia.

Nicky, 45, was raped in front of her children by 32-year-old Sebenzile Simane– who also sexually molested her daughter after shooting his way into the Eastern Cape farm home.

Sentencing Sebenzile Simane to 173 years for the criminal offenses he devoted in February and March 2018, acting judge Olav Ronaasen [A White man?– Ed.] stated he discovered no compelling or considerable situations to differ the minimum prescribed sentences. He founded guilty Simane on 17 counts, including 2 of rape and 4 of attempted murder. Ronaasen said Simane’s actions were vicious and barbaric, and deserved serious penalty.

Simane assaulted a 45-year-old businesswoman and her three young kids on their farm near Hankey on March 23 2018. [The judge has ordered that the victims and their household not be called, doubtless fearing retribution against them.– Ed.]

After surviving the horrific experience, Nicky and her family were preparing to move to Australia to establish a farm– but their humanitarian visas were rejected.

The mother-of-three stated her family began dreaming of a new life when Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton stated he was thinking about a special refugee consumption for South Africans who had actually been maltreated.

She stated those dreams have actually now been damaged.

‘It was a twinkle of hope, but it’s concerning that absolutely nothing has ever come of it,’ she told

‘I speak for thousands of South African farmers: we need a lifeline. The violence here is intensifying.’

In the US, National Alliance Chairman William White Williams stated “Awful doesn’t begin to explain this,” adding that the household should have asylum, if not in Australia, then definitely in one of the more secure parts of the United States. “If we might be put in contact with them, we could assist the making it through household members to look for refugee status– we ‘d be happy to assist them settle in our neighborhood. They definitely can validate refugee status,” he said.

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