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Africans Called The Shot When They Started Calling Chinese People In Africa Coronavirus

Can Africans boldly say they are not racist?

Over the past few days, African officials have reacted strongly to recent reports of discrimination against Africans in China by Chinese nationals but who is to blame?

The development comes amid claims that Africans are being barred from places such as hospitals and shopping malls, are being forced out of their homes and hotel rooms, and face violence in the streets.

African countries’ ambassadors in China sent a joint diplomatic note to China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and called on the country to stop these discriminatory actions, which give the impression that Africans are spreading COVID-19 in the country.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

A few weeks ago after coronavirus cases were reported in some African countries, videos of some Africans calling Chinese men and women coronavirus flooded social media but no African leader was quick to condemn that.

In Ghana, a video of some Chinese nationals being discriminated against went viral on social media. In the video, some Ghanaians refused to board public transport just because two Chinese nationals were in the car.

Just a few weeks ago before the incident of Chinese discriminating against Africans in China, another video of Kenyans calling two Chinese people coronavirus went viral on social media but no African leader came to condemn the discrimination.

Even though Chinese officials have rejected the accusations and claim these are isolated incidents that do not reflect the whole story, two wrongs do not make a right.

Africans should stop crying foul play when they are given a dose of their own medicine.

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